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Volunteer initiative

About us and what we do

The core of our work for Ukrainian war refugees

  • Accommodation in private houses/flats: we arrange furnished accommodation for you with the necessary initial equipment (blankets, towels, hygiene items, etc.)
  • Jump start for guests: we provide you with our donation collection (clothes, shoes, toys, backpacks, etc.)
  • Building the relationship between guests and host: we translate for both sides and advise on all important issues such as social benefits, residence status, clothing donations, work, school, kindergarten, etc.
  • Platform for exchange: we bring together refugee families as well as host families
  • and much more: You can find other areas of our commitment on this website.

Wave of helpfulness

When the horror of the "war in Europe" becomes reality, everyone wants to help. Everyone wants to work to keep the peace and help people in need.

But how can you help? We are dealing with the largest refugee movement since World War II. Where do you want to start? And above all: how do you, a private individual who leads its own life, find the time for this commitment?

Help made easy

Many helpers and those willing to help fail at this question. Those who start helping are very soon frustrated because they lose control of their own life day by day. Those who want to help usually don't even start due to the fear that they'll lose control of their own life sooner or later.

"UkrainBW" is the answer to all these questions. The organisation was set up to jump on the huge wave of helpfulness and give as many war refugees as possible a new temporary home under agreeable conditions. 

Our experience from more than five weeks of intensive care for war refugees - from accommodation and support in submitting applications to school enrollment and other first steps of integration - have encouraged us to organise ourselves. In this way we want to optimise and expand our commitment.

A safe new beginning

Dear guests,

Do not give up! Having to leave your home country is painful. But there is HOPE. Your compatriots have already managed to settle into a new country. They strive every day to cope with the new circumstances and build a normal life for themselves. And they do it really well! And you will make it, too - we will actively support you. You will soon find your way around here. Welcome to Germany!

Sustainable support for the start in Germany

In the first few months after arriving in Germany, we support SUSTAINABLY. For each arranged accommodation, we provide a native speaking contact person who takes care of all questions from our guests and their hosts. With our commitment, we want to give our guests the chance to build something up in this country under reasonable starting conditions.

Volunteers, let's join us!

To achieve all this, we need volunteers!


We cooperate with local associations, entrepreneurs, employers, municipalities, churches, public authorities and other organizations that want to support Ukrainian refugees.

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