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The right accomodation

We provide accommodation in the Zollernalb district and the surrounding area, but also in whole Germany in cooperation with our partners. An accommodation typically consists of one or more rooms in a house or a flat of helpful hosts. As a rule, the bathroom and kitchen are shared with the hosts. Sometimes a separate flat with separate entrance is offered, either in the house or outside. 

Conditions for refugees

Rent: You receive social benefits for the rent. You will apply for this with our support a few days after your arrival.

Duration: You can usually stay in the accommodation for several months. We clarify the exact rental period during the mediation.

Housing conditions: We ensure that the accommodation is furnished and has the necessary initial equipment. So you don't have to worry about it.

Reception and support: We will accompany you on your arrival by phone/Whatsapp/Viber and welcome you at the destination station.

Our local teams provide a contact person for each family who will translate for you and clarify the most important questions.

Cross-regional networking

Thanks to the cooperation with voluntary helpers and partners outside of Baden-Württemberg, we can establish national contacts for you and thus increase your chances of finding accommodation.

Refugees from Ukraine and hosts from Germany please use the respective contact form.

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